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SimTrack®  Features - Alerts and Notifications - Dashboards
  • Live alerts and notifications provided by dashboards
  • Increased visibility
  • Problems are identified before they occur
  • Take action before overall process is affected

SimTrack®'s provides alerts and notifications based on live data monitoring and the forecasted view of the future state of the operation. While the operation is being monitored the dashboard will display alerts and notifications bringing current problems as well as forecasted problems to the forefront and immediately visible to appropriate users.
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Alarms and Errors
  • Security Issues
  • Forecasted Bottlenecks, Constraints and Delays

Alerts and notifications are displayed through the SimTrack® dashboard as well as propagated to appropriate users via SMS or email. The dashboards are also web-enabled, meaning that it can be viewed from multiple different views/locations at the same time. This allows for increased visibility among a user’s business. The live data, alerts, and notifications allow the user to identify any problems before they actually occur.