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Patented NO Coding Environment - Forget what SIMAN says…
Stop coding and start simulating with Simcad Pro’s
patented “no-code” dynamic simulation engine.
In the case of traditional static tools, a user interface change made to the model, generates new code that is then ran on the SIMAN engine. User’s must have extensive knowledge of proprietary coding languages (Simscript, C++, SIMAN, etc…) in order modify the generated code, causing the user interface connectivity to the generated code to break; rendering the simulation model logic and visualization completely independent of one another. That said; Simcad’s graphically driven constraint definition eliminates the need to code allowing users of any technical ability, from sales force to IT professional, to unlock the full potential of dynamic simulation.
Simcad Pro’s multi-threaded simulation engine was designed to enable industry professionals to quickly and effectively model the required environment. Since Simcad Pro’s user friendly “point and click” environment interfaces directly with the simulation engine, even complex model building requires no coding; no compiling. The animation instantly develops in both 2D & 3D representing the true state of the engine and provides the user with dynamic data updates, lean reporting and analysis, as well as, instant visualization of the process flow.
Stop using tools from decades past to model today’s complex systems. Simcad Pro’s ease of use and patented “no-code” dynamic simulation engine translate to rapid model development, optimization, and increased project ROI.