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Model Building - No Coding
  • Point and click interface, for model flow creation in both 2D and 3D.
  • Menu driven constraint definition eliminates the need to code.
  • Customizable icons supporting multiple 2D, 3D and CAD file formats.
  • Auto-animation creation.
  • Full support for material handling equipment with built in conveyors and carriers.
  • Unlimited nesting of flow layers and elevations.
  • Wizard based tools to facilitate data import, export, and model creation.
  • Module definition and loading to eliminate the need for repetitive tasks.
  • Import Microsoft Visio© files, generate SimcadOnline packages and interface with SimData Pocket PC Data Collector.
  • Full support for Resources, Shifts, Carriers, Assembly, Disassembly, MTBF, MTTR, Change over, and more...

Model Views and Display Layers
  • All views support full animation capability.
  • Define each view separately while sharing process properties and constraints.
  • Dynamic Value Stream Map and Value Network Map.
  • Detailed Process View with hyper-links; embed documents and files into each process.
  • Unlimited number of annotation layers for model documentation.

Model Updates During the Simulation Run
  • Add processes, modify constraints, and positions.
  • Modify paths, conveyors, and speeds.
  • Flow modifications, object re-routes, distribution modification.
  • Pause/Resume/Load/Unload individual processes.
  • Control animation speed and display options.
  • Live data feed from external applications with dynamic updates to the model.