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One the many benefits of Simcad Pro's Dynamic Simulation, is its ability to adapt the simulation run based on interaction with external environments such as user interaction, databases, Excel© spreadsheets, flat files, and others. Therefore, a dynamic simulator can act as a key visual and analytical component in the daily activities of the operation by providing:
  • A live view of the operation through RFID, Bar coding, or ERP interaction (Virtual Camera) that tracks all aspects and entities in the operation including item and resource movement.
  • An accurate forecasting environment to optimize and improve the future of the operation, hence playing a proactive role in avoiding system problems before they occur.
  • A dynamic scheduling environment that constantly monitors the incoming orders, the current state of the operation, and provides an optimum schedule that minimizes cost and improves efficiency.

In a high-mix environment such as a Jobshop, custom order, or healthcare services the need for a dynamic environment is key to the future success of the operation. The main questions are that, if the operation is dynamic in nature, where the variables controlling the flow and their constraints constantly change;
Does a static tool that provides a snapshot in time work as needed?
Would a static value stream provide an accurate representation?
Simcad enviroment Dynamic tools, that work in conjunction with the constant changes in the operation, and are a must for proper modeling, simulation, and scheduling. The future of simulation modeling is with dynamic simulation in order to harness the most return on the time invested in model building and analysis.

With Simcad Pro, a virtual replica of the business is graphically built along with its constraints defined and implemented. The model can then be dynamically tied in to ERP/MRP systems or RFID for dynamic loading of the current state. In addition, Simcad Pro connects to order entry systems to pull upcoming orders and delivery dates, along with changes in the model constraints. Based on that information, Simcad Pro continuously monitors the flow and generates the optimum schedule to decreases lead time and increases efficiencies.

Simcad Pro maintains the investment in the model building, value stream analyzer, and efficiency analysis to include dynamic scheduling for resources (workforce) and objects per workstation. The generated schedule is geared toward reduced work in progress, increased efficiency, and most importantly reducing lead times and increasing on time delivery.