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Virtual Camera RFID - LIVE VIEW

The virtual camera module utilizes specialized active RFID tags to provide a LIVE VIEW of the operation. Tags can be assigned to parts, people, carts, and any entity that needs to be tracked throughout the system. When tracking is active, the position of each entity is dynamically updated based on the actual location and displayed on the CAD layout.

The display also generates relationships between entities based on Simcad Pro's Patented technology. These relationships are then stored for later retrieval and data analysis. In addition, each tracked entity can display its history by selecting the desired entity/process on the layout.

Based on the initial state (the tracking data), a forecast of the model is automatically generated in order to identify future lead times and potential delays. If a condition causing a bottleneck or delay is encountered, a notification message can be sent to alert the user of the potential problem. This dynamic environment provides a way to proactively improve the overall efficiency of the operation while constantly monitoring every aspect of it.