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Technical Specsification
Modeling Environment
Simcad Pro®'s graphical user interface delivers an intuitive easy to use modeling environment enabling full model creation without coding. Building on the ease of use during the development phase of modeling, Simcad Pro®'s interactive dynamic capabilities empower quick model optimization and turn around.
2D/3D animation is created dynamically based on model behavior. There is no need for an additional tool or to spend extra time animating the model. Users can customize models by utilizing the library of clip art included with Simcad Pro® or importing custom images in 2D or 3D formats to further customize the flow and improve model animation. Additionally real time charts and graphs update dynamically as the model develops providing instant feedback on key performance indicators.
Analysis & Optimization
Simcad Pro®'s modeling environment enables users to dynamically interact with the live model. This live interaction delivers quick model turn around by enabling live model optimization. Models can be optimized dynamically or through an integrated model optimizer. With a solution found Simcad Pro® runs a Monte Carlo simulation in order to study the variability of the model through time. Additionally, the integrated scenario analysis tool allows users to compare various scenarios and determine the best solution for the operation.
Costing analysis is dynamically computed on an object basis, process basis, and resource basis including transition costs. Each model entity can contain multiple costing parameters to further improve the accuracy of the model. location and facility layout in order to maximize efficiency. Dynamic distance calculation is performed base don proximity of the processes, resource and object travel distance is also computed and reported.
Simcad Pro® generates a Gantt chart for each object, process, and resource providing a detailed breakdown of cycle time as well as VAT vs. N-VAT for more detailed analysis. Additionally, Simcad Pro®'s integrated schedule optimizer will optimize the sequence/schedule in order to maximize efficiency.
During the simulation run, Simcad Pro® dynamically computes all required information needed to understand and optimize the model. This information is available through multiple extensive reports, real time feedback, as well as through on screen graphs and gauges. Users can also define customized reports. Simcad Pro® automatically provides metrics and key performance indicators for every model built empowering users to spend more time optimizing and improving than they do building models.
Model Components
Simcad Pro® supports multiple model entities, such as; capital assets, labor resource allocation, transports & material handling equipment including conveyors, robotics and carriers as well as CAD integration. Resources can be applied to processes and transitions and may be defined based on object type, process functions or other parameters. An extensive shift editing feature is also integrated allowing users to modify resource efficiencies, resource substitutions, and dynamic resource scheduling.
Object transition is modeled using connectors that contain specialized behavior. Each connector can behave like a conveyor (accumulating, manual, automatic,…) with full photo eye control. Objects can also be transitioned using resources for man-power control.
Each process in Simcad Pro® is capable of implementing change over time and mean time between failures and repairs.
Simcad Pro ® has extensive grouping and containment features to support the most complex grouping or splitting behavior. A process can split or group any object based on its defined properties, includes full support for partial containment, single product containment and exact regrouping of parts.
Data Integration
Simcad Pro® interfaces with external data sources for data import and export. Schedules, resource availability, process parameters, routing tables, work flows etc… can be imported into Simcad Pro®. Additionally if real time inputs are available, RFID, Simcad Pro® will provide real time visibility as well as live future state forecasting.
Additional Features
Simcad Pro® supports both continuous & discrete simulations. Additionally Simcad Pro® can be integrated into Simcad® Online for web based model distribution as well as online scenario analysis. Integrating with Simcad Online® also provides a web based dashboard view for users.
Industry Independent Simulation

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