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Dynamic "on-the-fly" Analysis

Simcad Pro provides users a vast array of built-in dynamic "on-the-fly" analysis features to simplify the task of identifying problem areas within the simulated operation.
Analytical graphs, gauges and reports are displayed with a click of the mouse providing the user several visual options to choose from. Pertinent analysis information regarding system bottle necks, resource contentions, capacity issues, utilizations, efficiencies, .. and more, are generated in multiple formats to provide both quick “snap shot” reports, as well as, detailed performance reports containing the desired analytics through time for both processes and the system as a whole.
Use these dynamic analysis outputs to improve visualization and enhance your next presentation:
  • Lean Analysis Reports
  • Object Routing, Object Path Summary Reports
  • Process Routing, Process Grouping, and Connection Timing Reports
  • Dynamic Data Collection Reports (in seconds, in time units, in graphs)
  • Resource and Carrier Allocation Reports
  • Events and Extensions Reports
  • and more!