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SimTrack®  Features - Forecasting and Analysis
  • Proactive and accurate forecasting
  • Multiple future states can be predicted
  • Forecasts displayed by web-enable dashboards, allowing for increased visibility
  • Identify potential problems before they occur
  • Methods to avoid potential problems
  • “On-the-fly” changes
  • Implement changes right away and view the outcome of the changes

SimTrack, coupled with Simcad Pro’s patented predicative analytics, provides proactive forecasting of operational capabilities. The forecasts are displayed on web enabled dashboards and distributed to appropriate users via SMS/Email for increased visibility. Based on live data feeds, dynamic simulation, historical trends, learned behavior, and advanced predictive analytics, SimTrack provides forecasts that accurately predict the future of the operation. These forecasting features are able to predict multiple future states based on live data and forecast potential bottlenecks before they occur. SimTrack also provides the user with methods to avoid potential problems.