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Job Shop Lean Conference - Overview
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 Conference Overview
The essence of Lean Thinking is the identification and elimination of waste in any and all administrative and manufacturing processes in any production system. Waste is any element or activity in the production system that does not provide value to the customer. Value is anything that the customer is willing to pay for. Customers pay for the final product so they deserve price reductions achieved through cost reductions gained from eliminating wastes in the order fulfillment process. Waste elimination is an immediate, often simple, strategy to impress customers, cut operating costs and improve profit margins.
A jobshop, like any other manufacturing facility, contains waste in its administrative and manufacturing processes, and therefore has numerous opportunities to eliminate those wastes.  However, a jobshop is unlike the assembly facility of an OEM like Toyota, Ford, Maytag, Alcoa, Boeing (or their top-tier suppliers).   Each jobshop requires an appropriate Lean “Lean Toolkit”, and a flexible approach for application of those tools in order to address specific opportunities with respect to its customer base, organizational culture and leadership.
Jobshop Lean (JSLEAN) provides concepts, tools and implementation strategies for the deployment of Lean Thinking in jobshops, where many of the standard best practices of Lean, as embodied in the Toyota Production System, do not address the triple challenges of achieving flexibility, agility, adaptability and reconfigur ability.