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SimTrack®  Features - Real-Time Visibility & Remote Monitoring
  • Flexible monitoring with web-based interface
  • Live data monitoring with reports and simulation analysis
  • Increased visibility with web-enabled dashboards
  • Alerts and notifications provided by customizable dashboards
  • Reporting includes trending and traceability
  • Problems are identified before they occur

SimTrack® provides real-time visibility highlighting overall operational status, efficiency and performance metrics. Reporting includes current status as well as trending and traceability for every tracked entity including labor, processes, objects and overall metrics. Visibility provided through the web dashboard with multiple view options.

Overall status for every tracked entity can be viewed and analyzed at any point in time, whether it is a current/real-time state or past status using the replay functionality.

Along with the overall status of the process, individual location statistics can be viewed as well. Information on specific objects, processes, labor, and other tracked entities can be viewed visually in 2D or 3D. To view a quick summary of the tracked entity, simply hover over the specific entity. To view the detailed tracking information and properties, click on the specific entity. SimTrack® also includes search capability per entity type, SKU, product ID, patient details, process name, etc...

SimTrack® also utilizes Simcad Pro®’s patented technology to provide users with remote monitoring. Remote monitoring of individual locations or multiple locations is enabled through SimTrack®'s web-based dashboard interface providing user groups varying levels of access from the overall network view to the detailed individual entity view based on group permissions.