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SimTrack® Applications - Healthcare
Healthcare Optimization and Efficiency Solutions:
  • Staffing optimization
  • Schedule Optimization, Patients & Service Providers
  • Reduce patient wait time & length of stay
  • Bed allocation / optimization
  • Improve overall supply chain within hospital
    ( medications, supplies, nurses, beds, etc. )
  • Reduction in hospital expenditures
  • Improve overall operational efficiency
  • Connect in real-time to EHR/EMR. HL7 compliant
View the Status of the Live Operation:
  • Real-time visibility allows the user to view current operational status such as
    • ED Wait Times
    • Current Capacity
    • Status of each unit and individual activities
    • LOS
    • LWBS
  • Web-enabled interface allows for multiple views of the live operation
    • Overall View
    • Specific Unit/Area.
    • Detailed Drill Down to specific rooms, equipment, service providers, etc... Any tracked entity
  • Track and monitor each individual patient’s location and movement
    • Flow Analysis
    • Impact of Flow on patient and service provider efficiency
    • Track and monitor staff members, number of beds available, supplies available, etc.
    • Monitor wait times and room/unit and service provider utilization
  • Being able to track and monitor each individual patient’s location and movement allows for:
    • Proactive Scheduling and Staffing Optimization
    • Real-Time Bed Allocation
    • Reduce Patient Wait Time & Length of Stay
Live Alerts and Notifications:
  • Live alerts and notifications are displayed by web-enabled dashboards
  • Potential problems are identified before they happen so that problems can be avoided, eliminated, or drastically reduce the impact
  • Users are alerted to take action before the problem affects the overall operation
Replay Past Activities:
  • Review past activities step-by-step, rewind and replay the events and identify what caused the breakdown in the process flow.
  • Implement improved SOP's and work instructions.
  • Analyze the past activity and make improvements to the current operation.