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Simcad Pro Applications
Implementing Simcad Pro In Your Environment Is A Simple 3 Step Process:
  • Graphically create the model flow and constraints without the need for code (GUI interfaces directly to the engine).
  • Make “on-the-fly” model changes to model constraints and parameters during the simulation run then view your results using Simcad Pro’s built in lean reports and onscreen graphs/gauges to obtain the optimal operational improvements.
  • Optimize and analyze the model using the integrated optimization and scenario analysis tools.

Healthcare Simulation

  • Identify the Most Efficient Layout and Patient Flow Analysis - Improve patient wait time and increase operational efficiency in the Emergency Department.
  • Applying LEAN Methods - Proactive scheduling and staffing optimization for reduction in left without being seen and reduction in transfer denials.   read more...

Supply Chain / Logistics Simulation

click here for Logistics Simulation Details
  • Real Time Visibility and Proactive Forecast - Live Forecasting with Alerts and to improve warehousing: receiving, picking, and distribution efficiency.
  • Distribution Network and Optimization - Help the supply chain's delivery routes, distribution schedules, and transportation cost run most efficiently and profitably with Dynamic Simulation.  Manufacturing Process Simulation read more...

Manufacturing Simulation

click here for Manufacturing Simulation details
  • Equipment Feasibility Analysis - Analyze the effect of new equipment, re-align process flow, or make changes in shifts and man power availability.
  • Dynamic LEAN and Spatial Analysis - Integrated Simcad Pro 3D and Lean Analysis tools to display the Value Stream Map or Spaghetti diagram View.  Manufacturing Process Simulation read more...

Service / Office / Financial Simulation

click here for Service/Office/Financial Simulation details
  • Improving the Purchasing Department - Analyze the effect of purchasing delays on down stream processes, delivering a measured improvement value.
  • Efficiency Improvement in Document Flow - Quickly build process and document flow, while providing fast and efficient solution analysis...  Manufacturing Process Simulation read more...
Why Use Simcad Pro Dynamic Simulator?
(Next Generation Dynamic Simulator)
Simcad enviroment
  • Seamless Integration of a Visual Basic scripting engine.
  • New patented multi-core simulation engine utilizing the most advanced hardware technology.
  • GUI interfaces directly to the engine.
  • No-coding required.
  • Quick model turnaround; model development in days or weeks instead of months and years.
  • Interactive simulation environment, play the game, live optimization features.
  • “On-the-fly” model changes to model constraints and parameters during the simulation run.
  • Fully animated, both in 2D and 3D representing the true state of the engine.
  • Dynamic interaction with external tools (Excel©, Databases, ERP, RFID, ...).
  • Dynamic creation of additional analysis tools (Value Stream Maps, Process Maps, Gantt Charts, Scenario Analysis, ...).
  • Integrated Visual Basic scripting engine for additional model customization.