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Published Reviews
For Hughes Christensen, The Woodlands, TX, makers of rock drill bits for oil-field production, the purchase of simulation software ultimately served two purposes: to educate management on where production bottlenecks were occurring, and to serve as a training tool for plant-floor operator teams." ... "We used it to model our production flow, to see if we could spot bottlenecks and constraints, as well as reduce our cycle times and setup times." ...
"We could show them exactly how the bottlenecks were affecting production,
 We work in teams here, and the program has been very helpful in training operator teams.
-- Whitsett.

"Simcad can also be an excellent tool for cost justification..."
"Simcad can work with anything from Coca-Cola bottling, to injection molding, to the loan process ..."
"Once created, the user manipulates the virtual environment and simulates the flow from process to process ..."
"Users can 'zoom-in' on each station. Here the user can obtain the costs and times at a more minute level ..."
"By conducting trial and error in virtual environments you will save time and money. The software will also allow you to have more freedom and confidence in undertaking new tasks and purchasing new equipment and systems ... "
"The savings in Time and Money will quickly pay for itself. Better yet, the program will help detect problems and bottlenecks that previously went undetected ..."
*Complete article is available from Plastics Product Review magazine
"Simcad Professional from CreateASoft Inc. (Naperville, IL.) is a software product with the capability to provide process modeling ..."
"Simcad's analysis package can help users easily understand complicated system dynamics and the consequence of system upsets. Once these functions are understood, implementation of control functions for time sequence management and upset response become more manageable..."