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Blood Center Simulation
CreateASoft, Inc.
The Process Improvement Company
About CreateASoft, Inc.

  • Established in 1992.
  • Core technology: Simcad Process Simulator software
  • Provide organizations with the required tools and know-how to ensure competitive advantage and sustainability in an ever demanding world market.

The Blood Center
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What is Lean?
  • Lean ?
    -- Definition
       - Containing little excess or waste.
    -- Manufacturing
       - Used extensively to eliminate waste and increase efficiency. Also know as the Toyota model.
    -- Service
       - Service and Healthcare Progressively being implemented to improve process flow, efficiency, and working Environment.
Benefits of Lean
  • Minimize waste time
  • Improve operation efficiency
  • Predictable lead time.
  • Controlled WIP
  • Simpler, well defined tasks
Key to Lean success
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Lean Goals
  • Increased process efficiency.
  • Reduce travel time (resources/units).
  • Control the lead time.
  • Demand based production.
  • Reduce WIP.
  • Reduce the overall operation cost.
  • Improve resource utilization, moral.
  • Improve overall quality.
Some Lean Methods
  • The Kanban
    -- Required in process inventory to maintain high efficiency.
  • The Supermarket
    -- An inventory buffer used to reduce the consumer demand variability.
  • Single piece flow paradigm.
  • Processing to “Takt”.
    -- Frequency of consumer demand.
Traditional Blood centers

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Single piece flow
  • One unit is processed at a time.
  • Pre-set sequence of events per unit.
  • Single data entry point at the processing step.
  • Improved communication leading to reduced error rate.
  • Dedicated tasks, requiring minimum training.
Traditional Center
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  • A lean blood center contains little or no excess waste time. Efficiency is high, with a flexible layout.
  • Blood center lean provides
    -- Controlled “lead time”.
    -- Reduce FTE stress and shift workload fluctuation.
    -- Increased quality.
    -- Increased space efficiency.
    -- Increased flexibility and expandability.
  • The only way to stay competitive in an ever demanding market.
CreateASoft, Inc.
The Process Improvement Company

Blood Center Simulation

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