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Improved Security Through Simulation
CreateASoft, Inc.
The Process Improvement Company
  • About CreateASoft, Inc
    In business since 1992
    -- Provides software, and simulation consulting services.
  • Simcad Pro
    -- Process Modeling and Simulation tool that’s been successfully applied to multiple industries.

  • Simulation Overview
  • Benefits of simulation.
  • Tools and implementations
  • Q&A
Simulation Overview
  • Modeling.
    -- It is the process of creating a replica of a real world environment that behaves, interacts, and reacts similarly to the real world environment.
  • Simulation.
    -- The behavior of the model through time based on preset constraints.
Simulation Categories
  • Continuous simulation.
  • Visualization.
  • Process and discrete event simulation.
Why Simulate?
  • Analyze and validate behavior.
  • Perform “what-if” scenarios.
    -- Does the proposed solution meet expectations?
    -- Does the solution hold in extreme conditions?
    -- If the solution does not hold, will the backup plan be sufficient.
  • Analyze better implementation and perform feasibility studies.
  • Improve success rate and reduce risk of failure.
Benefits of Simulation
  • Provides a virtual environment that mimics the behavior of the real world.
    -- Create “what-if” scenarios and analyze the system response.
    -- Change behavior and constraints to come up with a better implementation.
  • Reduces implementation risk and increases overall system responsiveness and effectiveness.

Process Simulation
  • Not industry specific.
    -- Can be applied to any “process based environment.”
    -- Very flexible.
  • Provides visual representation of the flow.
    -- Through animation and integrated 3D environment.
    -- Extensive statistical reporting.
Process Simulation Software
  • Model building capabilities.
    -- Graphical (ease of use) and/or using code to define the model.
  • Analysis tools.
    -- Animation, 3D visualization.
    -- Statistical reporting (real-time feedback is desirable)
Additional Features
  • Optimization and forecasting.
  • Lean manufacturing support.
  • Support for Six-Sigma effort.
  • Interface to existing data stores.
Introduction to Lean
  • Lean manufacturing concepts.
    -- Eliminate waste time.
    -- Increase throughput.
    -- Reduce overall cost.
    -- Increase lean efficiency.
  • Currently used in manufacturing and the service sector.
Value Stream Maps
  • Represent the process flow and supplier/consumer relationships
    -- Displays waste as non-value added time.
    -- Provides a concise view of the work in progress.
    -- Displays “lead time”
    -- Shows the value added time.
    -- Resource requirement and utilization.
  • System of management to achieve lasting business leadership and performance to benefit the business, its customers, shareholders, …
  • A measure to define the capability of any process.
  • A goal for improvement that reaches near perfection.
Improving security?
  • Process simulation can be applied to
    -- Security “Check points” in ports.
    -- Simulating a plan of action and reaction speed.
    -- Improving the supply chain and figuring out lead time.
    -- Crewing and resource allocation
    -- Capacity Planning
  • Simulate a model reaction to a staged attack.

Current Implementations
  • US department of energy
    -- Simcad is being used as the core simulation tool for the department of energy office of civilian radioactive waste management (OCRWM) total system model (TSM). The TSM simulation uses Simcad to:
    -- Model resources (such as guard forces) and resource availability as a constraint of the overall logistics and planning.
    -- Cost analysis.
    -- Modeling backup capability and response needs for unlikely events.
  • Kilgore flares
    -- To model the processes in which the material is mixed, conveyed, and formed.
    -- By implementing MTBF, down time, and recovery time, we can determine a higher resolution process capability.
Current Implementation
  • ABN Amro (LaSalle Bank)
    -- Check remittance simulation.
    -- Large volume and high number of workers.
  • Florida Hospital
    -- Improving emergency room procedures.
  • Baxter
    -- Improving the Blood Bank collection procedure and storage.
  • Process simulation should be an integral part of our homeland security planning.
  • Mature technology currently in use throughout the private sector.
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