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Using Simulation to Improve Value Stream Mapping
CreateASoft, Inc.
The Process Improvement Company
  • About CreateASoft, Inc.
    -- In business since 1992
    -- Provides software and simulation consulting services.
  • Simcad Process Simulator
    -- Process modeling and simulation tool that is applied to multiple industries.

What Is Lean?
  • Set of methods and concepts used to:
    -- Reduce waste.
    -- Decrease WIP.
    -- Provide a streamline flow.
  • Lean concepts are not industry specific.
    -- Can benefit both the service and manufacturing environments.
Goals of Lean Systems
  • Stabilize your processes.
    -- Review capabilities, labor, and material flow.
  • Standardize processes and flow.
  • Simplify through Kaizen principals.
Key Lean Concepts
  • Takt time.
    -- Available production time/total quantity desired.
  • Cycle time.
    -- Elapsed time from the beginning of the operation until completion, also known as processing time.
  • Value added time.
  • Non-value added time.
  • Process efficiency.
    -- Value added time / total time.
Benefits of a Value Stream Map
  • Gathers and displays a far broader range of information than a typical process map.
  • Is at a higher level (5-10 boxes) than a typical process map.
  • Is used at a broader level, from receiving of raw material to delivery of finished goods.
  • Used to identify where to focus future projects, subprojects, and/or kaizen events.
A Value Stream Map
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Value Stream Map Limitations
  • Static map.
    -- Changing the flow, product mix, resources, … requires a redefinition and revalidation of the map.
  • One level – no layering.
    -- Inability to effectively show details where needed.
  • Multiple map interaction can be difficult requiring a large effort.
Process Simulation
  • Build and simulate based on the process map of the operation.
    -- A process can consist of multiple sub-processes (cells).
  • Process and travel constraints can be defined in the model.
  • Resource schedules, MTBF, carriers, and flow routings are defined.
The Role of Simulation
  • Simulation provides a tool to analyze, visualize, and experiment.
  • Test and analyze improvement ideas before implementation.
  • Evaluate migration scenarios.
  • Forecasting and scheduling.
Simulating a Value Stream?
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Dynamic Value Stream Mapping
  • Values change based on input.
    -- Dynamic data display and update based on the model input.
  • Process flow may change based on the input.
  • Contains all the elements of the static map.
Benefits of Dynamic VSM
  • Ease of validation.
    -- By changing the input to the flow, multiple scenarios can be tested.
    -- Product mix testing is simplified and expedited.
  • Quick feedback on changes.
    -- Process flow changes can have positive or negative effect on the value stream.
The Role of Simulation
  • By merging process simulation and value stream mapping
    -- Building a process flow results in a value stream map and vice versa.
  • The dynamic behavior of the simulation environment lends itself to the dynamic value stream mapping.
Simulating Multiple VSMs
  • Simulation tools (Simcad Pro) provide layering (cells) of the process flow.
    -- A cell can contain its own value stream map.
    -- Each cell can be analyzed and optimized independently.
  • By connecting layers
    -- Output of one value stream can become the input to another.

Maintaining Improvement With Simulation
  • A successful lean implementation requires:
    -- An updated value stream map that reflects the current state of the operation.
    -- An updated process map.
  • Constant analysis of line modification.
    -- Validate that the change does not divert from the lean initiative.
    -- Analyze the change and reduce its impact on other sections of the operation.
Using Simulation
  • By connecting the value stream map to the process map
    -- Change to one affects the other.
    -- Analysis and validation of one validates the other.
  • Simulation is the best alternative for quick solution turnaround.
    -- Provided that both process map and value stream map are linked together to avoid duplicate work.
Simcad Pro Approach
  • Integrated value stream map and process map.
    -- Computation of VAT, process efficiency, takt time deviation, and many others.
  • Forecasting and scheduling.
    -- Load existing WIP, forecasted orders, and generate the best production schedule.
  • Ease of model creation.
    -- Quick solution turnaround.
CreateASoft, Inc.
The Process Improvement Company

Using Simulation to Improve Value Stream Mapping.

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