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Releases Simcad Pro - Version 10.0
Naperville, Illinois - June, 2011
Empowering over 3000 worldwide clients to achieve sustainable competitive advantage; CreateASoft, Inc. celebrates more than 20 years of delivering leading edge, scalable business intelligence developed and supported in the United States. CreateASoft, Inc. is one of North America most innovative process improvement teams, offering a patented dynamic solution and leading edge predictive technology, to a variety of process based operations who are dedicated to improving operational efficiency and responsiveness. With their recent release of Simcad Pro Version 10.0 , users have access to several new and improved features, further improving ease-of-use and reducing time required to create, analyze, & optimize models.

What's NEW in Simcad Pro 10.0?
Simcad Pro 10.0 enhances the existing feature base to include - SIMCAD ONLINE : Thin Client Web Enabled Simulations.

  • SIMCAD ONLINE: With Simcad Pro Elite, users have access to Simcad Online, providing the ability to display the simulation model remotely via web interface. No need for a Viewer install on the remote machine, simply open Simcad Pro, click "Start Simcad Online" and the model is now available for remote viewing. The model can also be controlled remotely using the "Ask User" prompt.
  • 3D Visualization now includes ANIMATED 3D Objects.
  • Process and connection timing supporting rates on an object, weight and volume basis for continuous flow modeling.
  • Improved shift definition interface, including the ability to define holiday schedules.
  • SimTrack now allows timing merge.
  • Model Image/Visual Push to Web Interface/Dashboard - User Defined Interval.
  • Improved Process Timing definition.
  • Process Routing can now be determined at various times during the sequence - critical for animated 3D objects.
  • Improved Results Process update interval definition.
  • Improved control over object disassembly.
  • Improved user access to simulation date and time values.
  • Schedule in report/spreadsheet format is now automatically generated.

Simcad Pro Version 10.0 is currently available to all Simcad Pro users (w/ an active maintenance agreement) via the online portal. For more information regarding Simcad Pro and the latest 10.1 release.
please visit WWW.CREATEASOFT.COM, or contact us at INFO@CREATEASOFT.COM