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Simcad Pro 7.2 Simulator Released
Naperville, Illinois, August 2006

CreateASoft, Inc, The leading provider of premier process simulation software, Simcad Pro, proudly announced today, August 1, 2006, the release of Simcad Pro™ Process Simulator version 7.2.

Whether you are designing complex world-wide operations with thousands of processes or operations with ten processes it is important that the virtual environment you are working with is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. Improving on the most powerful yet easiest to use simulation tool, Simcad Pro 7.2 further enhances the model building environment thus providing an even easier to navigate and enjoyable simulation environment. In addition, Simcad Pro 7.2 includes an enhanced image library making finding the perfect image a breeze.

Simulation allows you to view your operation over extended periods of time. As model complexity increases so does required computing power. With Simcad Pro 7.2 complex simulations can now run faster with less required computing power.

Simcad Pro 7.2 also includes additional tools designed for the high mix operation such as real-time dynamic routing, RFID connectivity, and dynamically created value stream and value network maps. Coupled with the new scheduler, dynamic routing provides organizations with the unprecedented capability to change and control scheduling based on the real-time constraints of the operation. Simcad Pro 7.2 dynamically performs a “look ahead” to determine the optimum schedule for the operation and alerts controllers to potential bottlenecks, failures, and schedule delays.