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Simcad Pro Patented Dynamic Simulation Software: 9.3 Version Upgrade
Naperville, Illinois - September 23, 2009
CreateASoft, Inc. provides dynamic process improvement solutions, leading edge predictive technology, and end-to-end support to a variety of process based operations dedicated to improving operational efficiency and responsiveness. Empowering over 1600 worldwide clients to achieve sustainable competitive advantage; CreateASoft, Inc. celebrates more than 17 years of delivering leading edge, scalable business intelligence developed and supported in the United Stated. Our patented solution delivers an integrated toolset driving the improvement process from data collection to current state mapping, all the way to an interactive 2D or 3D future state model. All, while providing the necessary analysis and reporting tools needed to support continuous operational improvements.
With the release of Simcad Pro Version 9.3 users gain access to a variety of new reports and several improved features allowing for unparalleled simulation model creation, analysis, and dynamic optimization - NO coding required!
"CreateASoft is dedicated to maintaining our rank as the industry leader in dynamic simulation. We are constantly evaluating user requirements and continue to use client/user feedback as a basis for each and every Simcad Pro upgrade release", says Justin Sandquist (Sales Manager). "If one client sees value in a certain set of features, it is likely that users across the board have a need for that functionality."
What's new in Simcad 9.3?
Simcad Pro 9.3 enhances the existing feature base to include:
  • Automatic Icon Grab Feature - Quickly place processes and connections onto the Simcad canvas without revisiting the process icon toolbar.
  • RFID/Virtual Camera - Use this 'real time' feature for a virtual camera view of your operation as it plays out via Simcad's dynamic RFID connectivity in 2D and 3D.
  • Detailed Simulation Analysis Report - Using this new report, the detailed analysis data can be graphed or displayed in a spreadsheet format.
  • Scenario Analysis - In addition to the standard Scenario Analysis features, users can now graph trends among scenarios.
  • Additional Functions added to support 3D - dynamically change 3D images of objects during the simulation run.
  • Q Sorting - sort the queue based on values, ascending/descending, events, conduct weekly sorts etc.
  • Groups - Group multiple processes together on the same layer and control object entry/exit based on the grouped process constraints. This feature simplifies the implementations of intersections, patient rooms, and other control areas where the use of departments/cells is not feasible.
Simcad Pro Version 9.3 is currently available to all Simcad Pro users (w/ an active maintenance agreement) via the online portal. For more information regarding Simcad Pro and the latest 9.3 release, please visit WWW.CREATEASOFT.COM, or contact us at INFO@CREATEASOFT.COM