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Simcad Pro 9.4 - New features with Dynamic Visibility
CreateASoft, Inc. Releases Simcad Pro Patented Dynamic Simulation Software: 9.4 Version Upgrade.
Naperville, Illinois - Feb 3, 2010
Empowering over 3000 worldwide clients to achieve sustainable competitive advantage; CreateASoft, Inc. celebrates more than 18 years of delivering leading edge, scalable business intelligence developed and supported in the United Stated.
CreateASoft, Inc. is one of North America’s most innovative process improvement teams, offering a patented dynamic solution and leading edge predictive technology, to a variety of process based operations who are dedicated to improving operational efficiency and responsiveness.
With their recent release of Simcad Pro Version 9.4, users have access to several new and improved features, further improving ease-of-use and reducing time required to create, analyze, & optimize models. Simcad Pro 9.4 further improves on the dynamic, real-time visibility and analysis of operational environments.
"In today’s tough economy the ability to identify and prioritize potential avenues of opportunity within all industry types is invaluable. Simcad Pro’s RFID/virtual camera allows for unrivaled operational transparency and the enhanced 9.4 features make building and modifying the virtual environment quicker and easier than ever! says Hosni Adra (Product Manager)
What's new in Simcad Pro 9.4?
Simcad Pro Pro 9.4 enhances the existing feature base to include:
  • Automatic Icon Grab Feature - Quickly place processes and connections onto the Simcad Pro canvas without revisiting the process icon toolbar.
  • RFID/Virtual Camera - Use this 'real time' feature for a virtual camera view of your operation as it plays out via Simcad Pro's dynamic RFID connectivity in 2D and 3D.
  • Detailed Simulation Analysis Report - Using this new report, the detailed analysis data can be graphed or displayed in a spreadsheet format.
  • Scenario Analysis - In addition to the standard Scenario Analysis features, users can now graph trends among scenarios.
  • Change Over optimizer feature enabled on selection processes.
  • Process and Object Hover feature. A user defined custom window pops up when the user hovers the mouse over a process or object.
  • Improved Database connectivity enables multiple simultaneous database connectivity and updates from any extension.
Simcad Pro Version 9.4 is currently available to all Simcad Pro users (w/ an active maintenance agreement) via the online portal. For more information regarding Simcad Pro and the latest 9.4 release, please visit WWW.CREATEASOFT.COM, or contact us at INFO@CREATEASOFT.COM