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Releases Simcad Pro® - Version 10.1

CreateASoft, Inc. Releases Simcad Pro® Patented Dynamic Simulation Software: 10.1
Naperville, Illinois - March, 2012

Empowering over 3000 worldwide clients to achieve sustainable competitive advantage; CreateASoft, Inc. celebrates more than 20 years of delivering leading edge, scalable business intelligence developed and supported in the United States.

CreateASoft, Inc. is one of North America’s most innovative process improvement teams, offering a patented dynamic solution and leading edge predictive technology, to a variety of process based operations who are dedicated to improving operational efficiency and responsiveness. With their recent release of Simcad Pro® Version 10.1, users have access to several new and improved features, further improving ease-of-use and reducing time required to create, analyze, & optimize models.

What's NEW in Simcad Pro® 10.1?
Simcad Pro® 10.1 enhances the existing feature base to include:
  • Cloud support - Activate your account and run detailed simulation models from your browser. This is a platform independent application.
  • Improved database connectivity tool - Work orders can be defined to load directly from an external database, either based on date or process availability.
  • Work order support for extended date definition.
  • Full support for Tuggers, AGVS, and carriers. Define intersections, drop off and pick up stations, and minimize congestion.
  • Expanded Mean time between failure support and corrected costing module for variable resources.
  • Enhance Monte Carlo simulation runs with support for global model variability.
  • Improved least busy selection to include group definition.
  • Improved 3D positioning and animation control to support independent entity animation (process, object, resource, carrier, ...) based on process state.
  • Enhanced VB Script functionality to support independent function calling.
  • Improved module loading and customization.
  • Simplified interface for easier buffer constraint setup and resource definition.
  • Enhanced Scenario Analyzer with Interval analysis support.

Simcad Pro® Version 10.1 is currently available to all Simcad Pro® For more information regarding Simcad Pro® and the latest 10.1 release. please visit WWW.CREATEASOFT.COM, or contact us at INFO@CREATEASOFT.COM