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CreateASoft, Inc. Releases Simcad Pro Lite
Simcad Pro Lite™ - Released and Available for simulation

CreateASoft, Inc. Aurora, Illinois – April 2014

CreateASoft, Inc. introduces Simcad Pro Lite, a next generation dynamic simulator that operates under an entirely different paradigm than traditional static tools. Simcad Pro Lite offers users a graphical interface that does not generate or compile code reducing the time to require to build, analyze, and optimize simulation models.

Simcad Pro Lite Features and Capabilities:
Model Building Features:
  • Define Accurate Model Behavior in a no-code environment
  • Graphical User Interface does not generate code
  • Interactive Dynamic Simulation integration. Build, Validate, Analyze on-the-fly
  • Support for a single-level object containment and definition
Visualization Features:
  • Dynamically created 2D animation
  • Support for most 2D image file formats
  • Built-in analysis customizable dashboards
  • Animation is a direct representation of the engine state
Analysis Features:
  • Predefined metrics for all aspects of the model
  • Built-in predefined reports
  • On-the-fly analysis integration
For more information and pricing, please contact sales@createasoft.com or (630) 428-2850.    Buy Simcad Pro Lite Online