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Features & Applications SimTrack®  Features & Applications
SimTrack® is a dynamic 3D visibility and analysis tool that utilizes Simcad Pro®’s patented technology to provide real-time operational visibility, dynamic replay, proactive forecasting, and customizable reports. SimTrack’s open architecture enables it to interact with a multitude of live data systems – RFID, BarCode, GPS, PLC, WMS, EMR, ERP, MRP, etc. - enabling organizations to better manage the daily activities, improve system efficiencies and provide historical replay and analysis to help in understanding the past and improving the future.
Real-Time Visibility & Remote Monitoring
  • Flexible monitoring with web-based interface
  • Live data monitoring with reports and simulation analysis
  • Increased visibility with web enabled dashboards » Learn More
Replay with Simulation
  • Track data and review activities step-by-step
  • Optimize and improve overall flow
  • Helps understand the past and improve the future » Learn More
Live Alerts and Notifications
  • Live alerts and notifications provided by dashboards
  • Problems are identified before they occur
  • Take action before overall process is affected » Learn More
Proactive Forecasting and Analysis
  • Proactive and accurate forecasting
  • Forecasts displayed by web-enable dashboards, allowing for increased visibility
  • “On-the-fly” changes » Learn More

SimTrack® Features

healthcare - ED/ER efficiency and management Examples logistics system and warehousing management Examples yard management simulation modeling Examples manufacturing operational efficiency and management Examples

 User Interface Features:

  • 2D / 3d real-time visualization
  • CAD Interfaces
  • Customizable layout
  • Object Hover with custom detail
  • Animation available from the browser
  • Customizable web Dashboards

 LEAN / TQM / Six Sigma Features:

  • Real time Schedule Adherence
  • Real time value stream mapping
  • Efficiency, OEE, and other LEAN metrics
  • Downtime, errors, shifts effect

 Forecasting Features:

  • Predict multiple future states based on live data
  • Forecast potential bottlenecks before they occur
  • Provide methods to avoid potential problems
  • On-the-fly schedule optimization
  • On-the-fly resource (man-power) allocation and optimization
  • On-the-fly warehousing optimization and congestion avoidance
  • Monitoring and Alerts

 Connectivity Features:

  • Connects to EMR/WMS/ERP/SAP and other tools
  • Connects to EMR/EHR, HL7 compliant
  • Connectivity to PLC data
  • RFID, Barcode, GPS, and other tracking systems
  • Simcad Pro® – for dynamic replay and analysis
  • Web enabled – visible from any authenticated connection