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Simcad Pro® Applications
Implementing Simcad Pro In Your Environment Is A Simple 3 Step Process:
  • Graphically create the model flow and constraints without the need for code (GUI interfaces directly to the engine).
  • Make “on-the-fly” model changes to model constraints and parameters during the simulation run then view your results using Simcad Pro’s built in lean reports and onscreen graphs/gauges to obtain the optimal operational improvements.
  • Optimize and analyze the model using the integrated optimization and scenario analysis tools.

Healthcare Simulation

  • Identify the Most Efficient Layout and Patient Flow Analysis - Improve patient wait time and increase operational efficiency in the Emergency Department.
  • Applying LEAN Methods - Proactive scheduling and staffing optimization for reduction in left without being seen and reduction in transfer denials.   read more...

Supply Chain / Logistics Simulation

Logistics Simulation Details
  • Real Time Visibility and Proactive Forecast - Live Forecasting with Alerts and to improve warehousing: receiving, picking, and distribution efficiency.
  • Distribution Network and Optimization - Help the supply chain's delivery routes, distribution schedules, and transportation cost run most efficiently and profitably with Dynamic Simulation®.  Manufacturing Process Simulation read more...

Manufacturing Simulation

Manufacturing Simulation details
  • Equipment Feasibility Analysis - Analyze the effect of new equipment, re-align process flow, or make changes in shifts and man power availability.
  • Dynamic LEAN and Spatial Analysis - Integrated Simcad Pro® 3D and Lean Analysis tools to display the Value Stream Map or Spaghetti diagram View.  Manufacturing Process Simulation read more...

Service / Office / Financial Simulation

click here for Service/Office/Financial Simulation details
  • Improving the Purchasing Department - Analyze the effect of purchasing delays on down stream processes, delivering a measured improvement value.
  • Efficiency Improvement in Document Flow - Quickly build process and document flow, while providing fast and efficient solution analysis...  Manufacturing Process Simulation read more...
Why Use Simcad Pro® Dynamic Simulator?
(Next Generation Dynamic Simulator)
Simcad enviroment
  • Seamless Integration of a Visual Basic scripting engine.
  • New patented multi-core simulation engine utilizing the most advanced hardware technology.
  • GUI interfaces directly to the engine.
  • No-coding required.
  • Quick model turnaround; model development in days or weeks instead of months and years.
  • Interactive simulation environment, play the game, live optimization features.
  • “On-the-fly” model changes to model constraints and parameters during the simulation run.
  • Fully animated, both in 2D and 3D representing the true state of the engine.
  • Dynamic interaction with external tools (Excel©, Databases, ERP, RFID, ...).
  • Dynamic creation of additional analysis tools (Value Stream Maps, Process Maps, Gantt Charts, Scenario Analysis, ...).
  • Integrated Visual Basic scripting engine for additional model customization.