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Why Simcad Pro? - FAQs
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17. Can user defined objects (i.e. resources with specific properties) be created and reused?
All objects, resources, carriers, processes, connectors can have custom properties. Each object instance, for example, carries its own set of values for its properties. Objects can also be grouped/ungrouped at any point during the simulation as Simcad Pro remembers the content of the object and can recreate the exact object and its component if needed.
18. Does Simcad Pro allows for external changes of constraints? If so, how is that accomplished? Can the constraint change      during the run?
One of the key features of Simcad Pro is that model constraints can be modified during the simulation run. The change can be effected by the user through the graphical user interface, or through an external application forcing the change. After the change is made, the model data collection engine can be reset so that the generated results reflect the new model. This feature eliminates the need for constantly waiting for a steady state or warm up period for the model. Moreover, the model can be dynamically optimized and improved at a much faster pace.
19. Can Simcad Pro be controlled from external applications? Can Simcad Pro interface to other controls?
Simcad Pro has a built in interfaces that allows it to be controlled by an external application. As an example, an Excel based spreadsheet can control a simulation run and set parameters into the simulated model, run the simulation and extract the data into another Excel worksheet.
Moreover, Simcad Pro has the ability to call other applications during the model run. For example, during a simulation run, and if a certain condition occurs, Simcad Pro can initiate an email message, signaling the potential problem. Based on that example and the dynamic data connectivity, a number of Simcad Pro models have been integrated into the planning and scheduling department to constantly forecast the future performance and signal the person in charge if a potential problem is detected.
20. Can Simcad Pro Simulation Software communicate with C/C++ or Java? Which mechanism is used for this purpose?
Simcad Pro can communicate to any DLL or ActiveX control through a built in VBScript engine. The VBScript is compiled in the background and is available on an as needed basis. Simcad Pro does not generate any code from its user interface to communicate to the engine.
21. What platforms does Simcad Pro Support? Can it run under Linux, Unix, or a MAC?
Simcad Pro is a Windows based application and will not run on a Unix or Linux platform. Simcad Pro will run on the MAC under a Windows emulator.
Simcad Pro will benefit from Hyper Threading Processors and requires a minimum of 512MB of RAM. If 3D Graphics are needed, a hardware acceleration board will help in increasing the system performance.
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